And then

And then Let it will be warmed in warm water.

Children usually like to relax and lie down in a bathtub.

Or let he is heated under a shower how many wants.

And then tell it: Give we with you we will arrange a cold rain or we will run about on pools.

And here such game situations are possible: or you discover cold water, and it substitutes patches and palms enough on the first time, and in the next days try to pour cold water and a back, or if the child is afraid of influence by a cold shower, it is possible to put a basin with cold water in the beginning and to tell: And well, give with you on pools we will run about!

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If the kid does

If the kid does By the time of the end of procedure it is necessary to prepare a heat bath to clear skin of sweat, then after a bathtub, without wiping the child, to wrap it in a bedsheet, a blanket and again to put for minutes in a bed, and then to dress in fresh linen.

If the kid does not want to lay down in a bathtub, wash him by means of a shower.

And if again in hours temperature starts rising, it is possible to make again the same bathtub, but without preliminary wrapping, or a warm shower, or again to rub off the child acetic solution.

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When you help

When you help If your child is more than years old, it is necessary to carry out a preparatory stage before use of ESP games.

Carrying out a preparatory stage, your child will become quiet and concentrated, then he will be able to perform a task correctly.

The preparatory stage helps the child to switch with left to the right hemisphere.

When you help the child to concentrate and deeply the usual condition of mind the changed will begin to breathe.

It means that the child can use ESP freely.

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And still

And still It would be possible to give a lot more other examples, but all of them testify that postinoculative complications are connected generally even not with quality of vaccines, and with violation by all of known instructions on carrying out preventive inoculations.

And still example: inadmissible repeated inoculation And recently I had to advise the boy of five years who until recently was not taking root in connection with lag of psychomotor development.

In the summer the child had dysentery.

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After all, as I was convinced, future

After all, as I was convinced, future Mans look.

Holiday flew by as one day.

And for the first time we spent these holidays as the real family the father, mother and the daughter.

In the atmosphere of rest, a pacification and pleasure we also conceived Grishka.

After all, as I was convinced, future child is influenced strongly by environment and, in particular, conditions of its conception.

In the first days of pregnancy when the organism of the woman receives tons of vitamins, enjoys solar and sea bathtubs, the arising fruit too receives all this from mother.

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